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HEATER Fellows

Graduate Fellows



Timothy Lo

MSc., McMaster University 

Chemistry and Chemical Biology

My resesarch mainly involves the investigation of the thermoelectric zinc antimonide zintl phases. Structural studies in different temperatures and optimizations of several relative phases would help understand this  binary system more thoroughly. 

Daniel Ramirez

PhD., University of Waterloo



Subin Kim

PhD., University of Toronto



Kristin Makulowich

MASc, University of Toronto

Materials Science

Shaochang Song

MASc., McMaster University

Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Luke Menezes

MASc., University of Waterloo



Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Wentao Jin

My research aims to understanding the structures and phonon dynamics of novel thermoelectric materials using x-ray scattering methods. In addition, my work also involves the studies of the magnetism in spin-orbital entangled iridates using resonant elastic and inelastic x-rayscattering techniques.


Former Fellows:

David Wisniewski, MASc, University of Toronto

Alex Tseng, MASc, University of Toronto

Yixuan Shi, PhD, University of Waterloo

Hongyoul Park, MSc., University of Toronto

Mark Meschino, MSc., University of Toronto

Parisa Jafarzadeh, PhD., University of Waterloo

Michael Cino, PhD, McMaster University 

Andrei Catuneanu PhD., University of Toronto

Masoud Aminzare, MSc., McMaster University 

Ali Ahmed, Ph.D., McMaster University

Yanyun Hu, PhD., University of Toronto

Jennifer Sears, PhD., University of Toronto

Fang Yuan, PhD., McMaster University

Allan He, MASc., McMaster University

Dr. Patrick Clancy (Post-Doc)

Yige Chen, PhD., University of Toronto 

Scott Forbes, PhD., McMaster University

Mustafa Morsy, MASc., McMaster University

Chivarubhen Raiju Murugaanandan, McMaster University

Yao Tian, PhD., University of Toronto

Vijay Shankar Venkataraman, PhD., University of Toronto

Quansheng Guo, PhD., University of Waterloo

Mathew VanZant, University of Waterloo


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