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HEATER Fellows

Graduate Fellows

Ahmed Ali

MASc., McMaster University

Mechanical Engineering

My research is based on developing a manufacturing technique for an annular design thermoelectric generators. This will include material preparation, sintering, bonding and testing the modules.

Masoud Aminzare

MSc., McMaster University 

Chemistry and Chemical Biology

My research contains two parts: 1) investigation of thermoelectric properties of ternary Skutterudites, which are isoelectronic to their binary analogues, as potential thermoelectric materials, 2) enhancement of thermoelectric performance of lead free SnTe-based materials through single metal doping. 

Kristopher Byrne

PhD., University of Toronto

Materials Science and Engineering

My work aims to improve the understanding of electric and thermoelectric properties in InAs nanowires and the methodology in measuring them.

Andrei Catuneanu

PhD., University of Toronto


Probing exotic quantum phases of matter in layered materials via numerical simulations. Possible thermoelectric applications of synthetic compounds are explored.


Michael Cino

PhD, McMaster University 

Engineering Physics

I will investigate techniques, such as pressing/sintering, to economically produce thermoelectric materials for use in waste heat recovery applications. There will also be a focus on material optimization through the tailoring of dopant concentrations for specific thermal environments.


Parisa Jafarzadeh

PhD., University of Waterloo


The ultimate goal of my work is to develop a long time stable copper chalcogenide thermoelectric materials. To achieve this, we plan to identify and optimize new higher copper chalcogenides.

Timothy Lo

MSc., McMaster University 

Chemistry and Chemical Biology

My resesarch mainly involves the investigation of the thermoelectric zinc antimonide zintl phases. Structural studies in different temperatures and optimizations of several relative phases would help understand this  binary system more thoroughly. 

Mark Meschino

MSc., University of Toronto


My research is in the study of superlattice structures as they pertain to oxide thermoelectrics.

Hongyoul Park

MSc., University of Toronto


My research project is on alpha-RuCl3, a layered material with honeycomb structure. The project is focused on investigating its properties in nanoscale, doping effects, and how these affect its thermoelectric properties.  

Daniel Ramirez

PhD., University of Waterloo



Yixuan Shi

PhD, University of Waterloo


I'm currently conducting research on Thallium Tellurides now. Thus far I optimized the synthesis conditions for TlSbTe2 and tried to improve its thermoelectric properties by doping other elements. The newest result was that the figure of merit of TlSbTe2 was improved 20% by doping with Yb. 

Alex Tseng

MASc, University of Toronto

Materials Science and Engineering

My work aims to investigate the impact of surface functionalization on electronic transport and thermoelectric properties of InAs nanowires.

David Wisniewski 

MASc, University of Toronto

Materials Science and Engineering

My work involves studying the thermal and electronic properties of ZnSe nanowire twinning superlattices under optical excitation.


Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Wentao Jin

My research aims to understanding the structures and phonon dynamics of novel thermoelectric materials using x-ray scattering methods. In addition, my work also involves the studies of the magnetism in spin-orbital entangled iridates using resonant elastic and inelastic x-rayscattering techniques.


Former Fellows:

Yanyun Hu, PhD., University of Toronto

Jennifer Sears, PhD., University of Toronto

Fang Yuan, PhD., McMaster University

Allan He, MASc., McMaster University

Dr. Patrick Clancy (Post-Doc)

Yige Chen, PhD., University of Toronto 

Scott Forbes, PhD., McMaster University

Mustafa Morsy, MASc., McMaster University

Chivarubhen Raiju Murugaanandan, McMaster University

Yao Tian, PhD., University of Toronto

Vijay Shankar Venkataraman, PhD., University of Toronto

Quansheng Guo, PhD., University of Waterloo

Mathew VanZant, University of Waterloo


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