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Welcome to the HEATER Program

Taming the Lost Heat: Training and Research in Thermoelectrics

More than half of all energy is lost as heat. Recovering this 'waste energy' and improving this ratio would provide advantages to Canadian industry and play an important role in addressing global climate change. Key tools in achieving gains in energy efficiency are thermoelectric materials. Next generation thermoelectric devices require making, modelling and measuring materials with unprecedented controls and cooperation and collaboration between academia, industry and government. 

The HEATER (Highly Effective Applications of Thermoelectrics Research) Program aims to tackle this challenge, creating an interdisciplinary consortium of highly productive research groups in physics, engineering and chemistry. The HEATER Program trains students of all levels in the making, modelling and measuring thermoelectric materials and devices, providing opportunities to interact with global leaders and emphasizing industrial partnerships and professional skills development. 


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If you have any questions about the HEATER Program, please contact our Program Coordinator:

Erin Bell


Phone: 416-978-7267

Office: Room 909A, McLennan Physical Laboratories, 60 St. George St, University of Toronto 

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